Frequently Asked Questions

FC3 is in the process of gathering information about the most Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering for a clinic.  We know that you have a lot of questions, and we are working on providing the most in-depth answers we can. Thank you for your patience as we develop this site.

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Q: What types of providers are needed?

A: Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are all needed to provide primary care. Physician and non-physician specialty providers can be utilized in a number of settings.

Q: Can I get more information about the types of opportunities available?

A: Check out the general information on the clinics provided on this website. Call or email Molly Miller This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (262-278-0323), for more detailed information. She can also put you in touch with clinic staff who will be happy to arrange a no obligation visit to learn more details.

Q: Can I choose which clinic I wish to volunteer at?

A: You are free to choose any clinic that meets your interests for times available, patient mix, or geographic location, etc.

Q:  Will my malpractice insurance cover me if I volunteer?

A: Most clinics do not bill for services, in which case the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration provides separate malpractice coverage for those providing free services State of Wisconsin medical volunteer liability statute. You will need to fill out one application for EACH clinic you volunteer at. For more details please go to, I Work For A Health System in the menu bar on this website.

Q: Can patients get specialty referrals?

A: Access to specialty care may be limited, though there are some services available through several specialists, who volunteer at existing free clinics. These specialist services are available for any patients in free clinics in Southeastern Wisconsin. Discuss this with the clinic you volunteer at.

Q: I am employed by a health system. Can I volunteer?

A: Most of the health systems' chief medical officers have endorsed this effort. Please contact the appropriate person in your organization for details. Note that specialty referrals will go to the system with which the clinic is affiliated, not the system to which the volunteer physician belongs.

Check out our  "I work for a health system" page for detailed information.

Q: How frequently do I need to volunteer?

A: This is entirely up to you. Most of the clinics will be happy to fit you in as often as you wish. Many volunteer once quarterly, some once monthly, some once weekly, some only once in awhile. All patterns for volunteering are welcome.

Q: As a physician, what if my availability doesn't match up with the clinic hours of operation? 

A: Please let us know your availability and we will plan to accomodate your schedule by adding patient visit sessions whenever possible.

Q:  How do I sign up?

A: You may fill out the online application that is part of this website and someone will contact you to follow up. Or you can contact any of the clinics directly for more information, to schedule a visit, or to sign up.

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