I Work for a Health System... What Do I need to Do?

All of the Milwaukee based health systems are aware of our efforts to recruit physicians and other providers to volunteer at the free and community clinics. Prior to making a volunteer commitment, system employed physicians are asked to consider the following:

  • Review your system's policies regarding any conditions, restrictions or notification requirements for volunteering.
  • The health systems have requested that volunteer service be done on your own time not during paid work time.
  • The health systems have requested that volunteer services be provided at the free or community clinic site not in your office practice setting.
  • Generally, your health system malpractice insurance will not cover your volunteer activities. Most free and community clinics do not bill for services, in which case the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services provides separate malpractice coverage for volunteer providers delivering free care. Once you have been placed at clinic for volunteering, you will be registered online using the new DHS Volunteer Health Care Provider, VHCP, Portal. ​ ​​(The following link shows the current statutes, but please note that the rest of the application will now be filled out within the online portal at your clinic site.)  State of Wisconsin medical volunteer liability statute
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